Sabe Masson - Soft Perfumes Solides

Sabe Masson - Soft Perfumes Solides

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Fragrances with a thousand virtues.

It is a perfume nectar that glides over the skin; onto the wrists, inside the elbows, behind the knees, the base and nape of the neck, and the pulse points. An object of beauty and well-being, you can take it with you everywhere you go, thanks to its environmentally-friendly and ultra-lightweight packaging. It will fragrance and take care of your skin in one fluid movement.

ARTIST: Olfactory family: An androgynous woody chypre. Head notes: grapefruit. Heart notes: spices, cedarwood, patchouli. Base notes: moss, musk.

BELLE FURIEUSE: Olfactory family: A timeless aromatic citrus cologne. Head notes: lemon, mint, basil. Heart notes: pink peppercorn, petit grain, mate. Base notes: cypress, pine, incense, leather notes.

BRUNE MELANCOLIA: Olfactory family: An addictive spicy oriental. Head notes: bergamot, grapefruit. Heart notes: raspberry leaf, blackcurrant, rose, violet. Base notes: cinnamon, cedarwood, sandalwood.

COPACABANA: Olfactory family: A solar woody chypre. Head notes: petit-grain, pink peppercorn, lemon. Heart notes: violet, orange blossom. Base notes: amber, oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum.

 DE GUERRE LASSE: Olfactory family: A noble fruity chypre. Head notes: mandarin, bergamot, peach. Heart notes: violet leaves, prunus, lavender. Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, moss.

GEORGES et MOI: Olfactory family : A spicy floral woody. Head notes: bergamot, lemon leaf. Heart notes: rose, ylang-ylang, ginger, magnolia. Base notes: vetiver, cedarwood.

LA REINE SOLEIL: Olfactory family: A sophisticated floral bouquet. Head notes: lemon, bergamot. Heart notes: honey, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, violet. Base notes: vanilla, musk, patchouli, amber.

LUCKY BAY: Olfactory family: A spicy woody chypre. Head notes: mandarin, lemon, neroli, cardamom, mint, cinnamon. Heart notes: rose, petit-grain, orange blossom, clove.

PARISIAN RHAPSODY: Olfactory family: A rosy floral oriental.Head notes: orange, red berries. Heart notes: rose, jasmine, nutmeg. Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla, musk. 

STRIPTEASE FLORAL: Olfactory family: A gourmand floral woody. Head notes: mandarin, bergamot. Heart notes: orange blossom, neroli, heliotrope. Base notes: patchouli, amber, caramel, vanilla.

ZAZOU: Olfactory family: A bright orange blossom floral. Head notes: citron, lemon, grapefruit. Heart notes: neroli, cypress, ginger, orange blossom. Base notes: cedarwood, musk, amber.



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